Saturday, April 5, 2014

Facebook Meetup

So I joined a facebook group of women last year who were all due with babies in July.  It has been a very positive experience!  I've learned so much from them.  I always have someone to talk to, complain to, laugh with and cry with.  I can share as many photos of my baby as I want and nobody gets bored cause hey, that's what that group is all about.  We have picture days where someone will say...take a picture of what you are looking at right now...and everyone will share.  Just the other day we had a "take a pic of your underwear" day, that was a good laugh.  We enjoy each others company so much.  There's women from all over.  
There are probably 10 women I really really love but only a handful  I feel I am very close being my friend Alicia who was my sorority sister, she introduced me to the group.  I don't even know where to start with her but lets just say she is VERY dear to my heart.  She couldn't wait to become a momma again.  She's a very supportive wife, her family is her number one and she's a very loyal friend!  I know she would do anything for me and would always stand up for me.  True friend. My how I love her.  Oh and lets not forget how funny, fun she is.  She's a child at heart and doesn't care to act stupid sometimes...those kind of people are good for my soul!
 Another one is Cassie, she is a big city girl that lives in Chicago in a high rise condo, she is super fancy, loves to shop and drink wine and works for Coach Ditka and is personal friends with him...her life is so cool!  Her relationship with her husband is thick as thieves which I love and he actually reminds me a lot of Landon in that taking care of their families is number one priority.
The next is Corrie...she is from North Carolina, She is an older mom who had her first baby girl Hannah on the same day Hason was born, she is one of the most wholesome women I know.  Her and her husband waited till  marriage to have sex just like Landon and I did (see we talk about everything in our group) She has an amazing husband who is a very hands on daddy with Hannah. What I like most about Corrie is she loves Jesus more than anything...needless to say her and I have decided that Hason and Hannah will get married someday if we have anything to do with it.
  Next is Dawn, she loves to shop and dress up her little girls, she's fun, enjoys her Mani's and Pedi's and is a straight to the point kind of gal.  She thinks Dallas is a bit boring but that's only cause she used to live in other more amazing cities (lucky her)  Best of all she lives only 30 minutes from me in Frisco.  She also has a daughter that's Brielle's age which is so perfect. 
Amber lives in Oklahoma.  She is a hottie. She is a realtor and a photographer.  She's been with her husband since they were in their teens like me and Landon. I think Landon would get along great with her husband too.  She loves muscle cars and rap music, we would get along just fine! 
Best part about all these ladies is that they are praying women.  We laugh, cut up and joke and are a little inappropriate at times but we've got each others backs and will pray our little hearts out for each other when needed.
I got the privilege of finally meeting up with Dawn and Amber.  Amber was in town with her family cause her husband had a job interview.  We still don't know the outcome of that but praying she moves here!  We met up at the Galleria so we could do lunch and the kids could play.
It was such a surreal feeling meeting them.  Probably what online dating feels like lol.  I've never seen them in person or talked to them on the phone but I felt like I already knew them so well, as if we'd been friends for years!  They were even more beautiful on the inside and out than in person.  
Our three older girls getting along just fine :)

And here are our precious July babies!  This is Brooklynn, she's a good baby but a bossy little thang...They call her the Queen B cause she runs the house haha!
Sweet little Laney.  She's a well behaved, laid back baby and she sleeps and always has! Her momma is lucky!
And then there's  Hason.... My loud, smiley, steal your heart cry baby :)
So cool getting to see babies all the same age together.
We were sooooo "those" moms actin a fool and doing anything we could to get the kids attention in order to snap a good picture lol.  We didn't care though, we were just so happy to be together.
Our cute group mom picture..........
What a real picture actually looks like haha........
These babies will be taking off before we know it!
Brielle, Maddy and Phoenix
Amber's husband graciously took millions of pictures for us.  Amber also has an older son Nate but he didn't want anything to do with all those girls haha.
I'm always in awe at how life just works out and things just fall into place and at the way God just puts people into our lives. 
I just can't wait to meet the others someday.  And it will happen! Mark my words :)



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