Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy

My daddy's Birthday was on April 5th, I feel blessed that we are still getting to celebrate birthdays with him.  He looks so cute in his new blue and black checker shirt mommy made him wear, he didn't like it cause it doesn't have a pocket for his pens. 
 "He's got a pocket with the whole jubilee of pens comin' up outta there in case he has to write A LOT. Oh here I bought you some pens for your crazy pocket, I know you love pens, I love pens too."-Dane Cook :) 
B drew a picture of her Papa Lou and Lita....That's a lot of curly black hair.
 She also made him an envelope.......
 complete with a stamp...she even got it on the right side!
I was REALLY excited for some reason haha. 
We gave daddy a new shirt and mommy go him a new watch.
He always say "Yeah, that's pretty" Or "well that'll be alright"

Oh my goodness was Hason cracking us up that night...he was talking real serious about something and using his hands a lot to tell his story........Looked like he was doing the YMCA ha!
I crack myself up!
Ok, no more pictures mom.

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  1. Oh my's like you can see everything he's thinking in his face! Ha So sweet!!!


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