Friday, April 25, 2014

Randy and Teresa Pop In

This kid is such a helper. 

Telling Hason to say "more" 
Randy and Teresa made an  impromptu trip to Dallas a few weekends ago.  It's always such a treat to have them here.

That morning I made a delectable breakfast complete with fresh squeezed orange juice and a german pancake with peach sausage topping.
Then Teresa and I were off to the mall while the boys took the kids to the park.  We found the perfect outfits........
I don't know why but there were about a million renaissance people at the mall that day all dressed in their get ups.  It was weird but made for a good photo, he never broke character.
A pick me up after all that shopping.
Gosh darn it if we didn't try to get into someone else's car when we left.  I totally stood there way too long trying to get the key to work in the door lol. Pretty sure the lady that owned the car was sitting right by the window in Starbucks cause she gave me a dirty look when we walked by like she didn't like us reenacting the whole situation so I could get a picture.  Some people are so boring, no sense of humor.
We however laugh at anything! :p
The next day was low key, we took them to one of our favorite walking trails.

They've got these all along the trails so if you have an emergency you can tell them your location. So smart.

Workout time!

Randy had us all rolling!

Teresa wore new shoes and ended up getting two blisters so they stayed behind at the playground with Brielle while Landon and I fetched the car.  We decided to run...I ran 1/2  a mile....I've never even ran a even a quarter of a mile in my life without feeling like I was gonna die and throw up!  Huge accomplishment for me.  All this working out is paying off.
Dinner on the patio at my Favorite........ 
Tierney's  quickly became Randy's favorite too and said he didn't care if he ever ate anywhere else when he comes to town ha.
Randy pointed out that me and my little handsome matched in our neons that night.
The last night there was hot tub night....
Before Gigi and Gannpa left they gave the kids their Easter gifts since they wouldn't be seeing them again before then.
They even brought me a bouquet flowers!
Teresa's also  been pushing it at the gym and looks AMAZE!

 Somebody got Frozen!

 She wanted to change into the sweet little outfit they got her. What a beauty. 

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