Monday, April 21, 2014

Ft Worth Childrens Museum

After the dog show we fueled up at my fav fast food restaurant.  Yes McDonalds,  I realize my sisters and I may be the only people on earth that like this place.  I also know their food doesn't mold or disintegrate which really doesn't even qualify it as food but it makes me happy!

That little finger! He's so precise.
 We still had half the day left so to make the trip worthwhile for the other members of my family we took B to the Ft Worth Children's Museum.  It was cute and all but I definitely think the Discovery Center in Amarillo could hold a candle to it. 

Oh my gosh he looks like a porcelain baby doll here! 

 Sweet girl said..."look it's an x ray of a strawberry" haha honey that's a heart. 


I just love driving through the DFW Airport, every time you enter or exit it's like the Little Caesars commercial "THERE'S NO RULES"  cause the lanes don't start right away so it feels like you're free to drive all over the place!

We ended the day with a movie night.  Love days like this.

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