Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Family In One Place!

My cousin (more like my sister) has been working in Italy for a few years now.  Her contract ended and now she's back home.  Makes me soooo happy. I got to ride back to Dallas with her from our Amarillo trip.  It flew by cause we had a lot of catching up to do.  Missed her so much! It's weird  but when she was away I could FEEL the distance and now that she's here (well Houston) she doesn't FEEL so far away anymore. I love it but makes me sad for her becaue I know right now in her heart she would like to still be in Italy.
Natalie spent a few days with her parents in Amarillo and then made it a point to spend some days in Dallas with us, makes my heart happy and feel so loved that she would split her time for us.
I should really stop making that face all the time.
Her boyfriend Trent came home as well.  I've known Trent or Critter as I like to call him for about 10 years now which is crazy! He used to work for me at Hollister.  I always liked the guy, even tried to get him to rush Sigma Nu when he was at WT with Landon.  He's a great guy and such a good sport, Brielle loved him and only wanted to be by his side and he took great care of her...He even did my dishes!
Somebody missed his kiddos! I don't think he's been away from them for that long ever.
Weather was nice out so how about a jeep ride.  Hason was so incredibly cute in there.  He looked so little and so big all at the same time. I was nervous he was going to get whiplash from his sisters driving skills.
 That evening Natalie and Trent cooked dinner for all of us. It was delectable, such a treat to have someone cook for me in my own house...and even clean!
Chick pea soup with cauliflower and lots of delicious garlic taste and flavor.
There's nothing I love more than having my whole family all in once place.  Can you spot Kaytie :) She was even here. She had a bachelorette party in Dallas that weekend and stayed with us one night.
My man figured out how to work our pool spa! It's been the most fun thing ever and our new Saturday night tradition! Holla!
First time ever in the hot tub.  Landon curses the pool a lot because of the maintenance, I don't mind it at all.  Anyways, now that we have the spa he's changed his mind once again :)

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