Friday, April 4, 2014

St Patty's Day Weekend

 We decided to take everyone to the St. Patty's day parade in Dallas.  We read it was going to be more family friendly this year. Sponsors had donated money for  a kids area.  We went to the Ft Worth parade last year and it was fun and good for kids.  This not so much! We didn't see anything crazy...just way to many people being super loud way to early in the morning.  We plan on joining them next year...but without the kids haha.  We didn't even try to find the kids area, we needed to get them outta the madness.
With that said...I had a blast, I made friends with the people around us, I love parades!
We pick some Dang Good Lookin men I tell ya!
I don't know when or where or with who but we will for SURE be renting this thing with somebody soon! HOW FUN!
Little Hase didn't' know what to make of all the noise, We kept covering his ears and telling B to cover hers when the loud honking trucks went by. 
He looks like such a G, Aka Gann :)
Since we were so close to Greek row at SMU, we had to drive by Chi Omega house! Apparently they are building a new one. 
I like this one better because of the fancy columns.  If I ever built a house it would have columns.
We ate at Jakes, our favorite burger place....
Then we waited on the Trolley for what seemed like forever! Especially when you are carrying around 23lbs of dead weight.
I LOVE this picture. Be still my heart.
Hase couldn't take his eyes off the conductor haha. He was so content sitting in my lap.
Then I insisted we stop for cupcakes.  They were amazing, does it get any better than a glitter covered cupcake?
Natalie was cool with it cause they also served wine.
While Trent and Natalie (I kept calling them Trent and Emily all weekend ha) were in town they both got new phones.  Natalie had seen a funny joke on her sisters Pinterest where you send someone "cat facts" as if they had subscribed to them haha! We sent them to Teresa... Landon's step mom, my sister, Landon's friend Jeff, Landon's cousin Trent and my sister Kasey.  Everyone fell for it (except Kasey she was zero fun and didn't' respond back)  After a couple texts Trent and Jeff played along and my sister Sherry Ann and Teresa sent us a message that they had BLOCKED us ha!
Goodbye lunch...
It was one of my fav weekends.  I wish she would have been transferred to work here instead of Houston!
I tell everyone that I love when my spare room looks like this cause it means someone is visiting :)
That evening we ate dinner at my moms and Landon did what a good daddy does.....

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