Sunday, April 20, 2014

FT Worth Dog Show

I am so far behind blogity blog blogin it's not even funny!
It dawned on me that since I've lived in Dallas I have not been to a single dog show and I assume they have quite a few of them.  You see when I was in elementary school and jr high I was in 4-h and use to show my dog.  It's a bit of a dorky hobby I know but I loved it and still do.  I did agility with Neely until I became pregnant with Brielle and fell during a practice run.  I'm really hoping in a few years when the kids are a bit older that I can get back into it.  I'm all about balance and want my kids to be in extracurricular activities and spend time with them fulfilling their dreams but just sometimes it needs to be about mom and dad, we have things we want to do too :)
Any who, I found a dog show in Fort Worth and Landon was thrilled to take me.
The sights, sounds and smells of a dog show, brings me back to my childhood.  This is what a set up looks like..........Everyone has their own sections to put their crates and grooming tables.

How beautiful were the Danes!  I've never ever been to a breed specialty show.  All the ones I've ever been to pretty much had 1 of each breed.  This show in particular and anywhere from 3 to 25 of any particular breed of dog.

 Landon so wanted a Mastiff but we went with a Rottweiler instead...less drooly.
I just die over this picture! Something else I love about dog shows is that everyone is in cahoots with what a well behaved dog looks like and should do.  They are all so well trained and polite :)  I love a dog that's been trained.  They will just set there and patiently wait for their owners to tend to them.

I really enjoy getting to see rare was a Sulki dog
 I think this is a Tibetan Mastiff.....
Borzoi, My dog club trainer had one just like this when I was growing up...
Some may think it might be kind of mean to leave them on those tables but trust me...they don't' mind a bit.  Dogs love having a job to do and going out into the ring at a dog show is so fun for can see them come alive out there.  Show dogs love doing what they do.
We didn't arrive until around 11 the first day and apparently missed all the breeds we wanted to see so my sweet husband drove us back early the next day to see the ones I had my heart set on.
I have decided our next dog will be an Irish Setter.  I have loved them and wanted one since I was a little girl (an eskimo too but I already got one of those)  I can't even explain how excited I was to get to see so many all in the same room, I was in heaven!

They have been called the most beautiful of dog breeds...boy do I agree.  He was so pretty.  I fell in love even more. These dogs are smart and supposed to be really great companions and family kids, love all people and super loyal.  Not a guard dog or watch dog in any way.  I believe all that is true from what I saw.  They were very playful and loving! I can't wait!  But I have to cause I want it to be a show dog so I need to wait until I have more time on my hands...hopefully in 5 years I can get one! EEEEKKKK! I want one just like this guy...that rich color, that big and with a good square muzzle...perfection.  I know you are thinking I'm sooo dorky right now haha. Seriously almost nothing gets me more excited.

Oh now Landon's happy...wonder why....
because he got to watch his rotts.
I have a special place in my heart for all the "vicious" breed dogs.
We missed the bulldogs which I was sad about but they showed at 8am!  They had a "get to know the breed" section and every hour or so different owners would bring their dog over for you to pet and get to ask questions about, so we did get to love on the bullies and take pictures of their funny tails.
On our way out we stopped to look at a little garage sale in the next building.  Landon tried on his first pair of cowboy boots.  Yeehaw he looked good in them :)
When I'm showing dogs again will all of you that are my good friends come and watch me? ;)

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