Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last Spring Break Day In "A" Town

I reserved Tuesday to visit Landon's Grandmommy and Grandad.  Ernie has been through surgery to remove cancer and now chemo.  He is doing incredibly well. They are both so strong and have endured so much these past few months. 
Hason pulled up for the first time on Grandmomma's coffee table.....
and fell as well haha.......
This truck was his daddy's when he was a baby boy.

Trying to bear crawl.......
If you are an 80's baby you will remember these.  All the cool kids carried around their Koosh Balls at school haha.

Hase really enjoyed his granddad and granddad enjoyed making him giggle....

Precious hands holding his great grandson.
I've said it before but I feel so blessed to have inherited so many grandparents when I married Landon.  My heart breaks a little every time we leave after visiting them....scares me that it may be the last time I see their sweet faces.  It's sad to get old and watch your loved ones get old too.
Tuesday evening we ate at a fancy little restaurant called OHMS.

Back at Gigi's for the last night, we brought along her birthday gift since we would be in town close to her birthday.  This woman looks dang good for 47!!! I hope and pray I look half that good at her age! She's ageless!
This little man got up early those days we were there.  (early for us is 7) I enjoyed nursing him back to sleep in the mornings and spending some cuddle time with him.  Makes me kinda want to let him sleep in our bed with us....KINDA ;)
And this his how we kept Hason busy while we packed up that morning to leave.

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