Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Finally A Move!

I almost forgot!!! My Aunt and Uncle FINALLY found a house here!  It was the very last one they looked at before they threw in the towel!  I am sooooo Happy and I know my Mom is too! Since their move they have been working in on their yards together, eating dinners together while watching their favorite soap operas and just enjoying each others company :) My mom has 9 siblings but her whole life she's been the closest to Yasmin.  Makes my heart so happy! We all live closer here than we did in Amarillo, My parents and now my Aunt and Uncle live only 7 minutes from my house and they  live only 2 minutes from each other.  A blessing for sure! Now my sister Sherry Ann is the only one left in Amarillo, 9 down...1 to go :)

Of course I made them jump for joy!

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