Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ropes Course Adventure

Friday morning brunch moms.

Landon's Aunt Carol turned 50 that week so for her birthday celebration she booked a ropes course extravaganza for all of us to partake in together.  I did something like this when I was in youth group and it was so fun! I was super excited about this adventure.
(who's the creeper behind Landon?)

I could just squeeze those cheeks!

First we did some team building skills.....
Super Carol!

Here's Levi 10 and Brielle 11.

Here we go!  We were all strapped in and ready for the first victim.  Of course the birthday girl went first and Emily was her partner.

They let Brielle and Levi try too.  They were only allowed to go up about a quarter of the way (not that they would have gone father anyways) because their helmets didn't fit perfectly.

She was so brave and we were so proud!

When she let go we told her she was tinker bell flying through the air.  Makes me so happy that she has so much trust in us.

Oh Lawd it's my turn.  I hurried up that darn pole so I could get it over with.

I was fine until I had to stand up...eeeekkk! I just had to keep telling myself to breath cause sometimes I forget to do that in scary situations. (like when I got my wisdom teeth out and felt like I was gonna pass out cause I forgot to breath ha)  Tifanie was my partner. 
We were so proud of ourselves.  We both jumped to the pole and were able to hold on. 
 I made a fool of myself though when it came time to let go of the pole.  I sure did scream and kick my legs like a crazy person.

I was so proud of Lin for going.  This man's like 65!

Grammy and Poppy were able to enjoy watching us fear for our lives.

Again, so proud of Levi for trying it out, he's a cautious little boy (which I Love) so it was a big step for him to climb too.  We told him he was superman flying threw the air.

The boys all waited to go last and individually. (I wish I would have gone again so I could do it with Landon, I love doing things together)  They of course wanted to race and time themselves to see who was the champion.  Lets just say Landon didn't win that game.

 But Gah Dang he looked hot doing it!!!

Mmmm those arms lol ;) He's such a hottie!

Brent's turn.........

And Trent...those boys have such long legs they could almost reach the bar without jumping!

The babies did what babies do best. Get dirty....

There was one more part of the ropes course where you walk on a rope in a circle around some trees and when you finish you get to zip line down.

I skipped the walk on the ropes around the trees part and went straight for the zip line.  But first a selfie, cause I didn't know if I'd be brave enough to get one while on the actual zip line. 
Here I am in mid air, FUN!

There's nothing I love more than doing this kinda stuff with my man.
Our beautiful family
For dinner Brent treated us to Mexican food on the McKinney Square. 
Now I want to take back my family and Landon's dad's family to try out the ropes course as well.
 Fun times! (Look at Brent's face while he's licking his fingers haha)

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