Monday, June 1, 2015

A Day In the Life Of Me :)

I really should do these types of posts more often.  This is what I want to remember in 5 years when my days no longer go like this and I'm left wondering what and how we lived during these days :)

We get up at 8, normally Hason wakes me up crying.  Then I warm him up a sippy of milk and we go get Brielle up for school.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we drop Brielle off at preschool then Hason and I head to the gym.  I work Monday and Wednesday mornings till noon so those days I skip the gym.

We go back home and I give Hason a snack and lay him down for a nap at noon.  Then I hop on the computer and answer emails for work for an hour or so.  When we aren't busy at work I will eat lunch on the couch, watch a show, then do some housework for an hour or take a nap :)

Today I cleaned

Then we pick up B from school and have lunch.  The kids lunches consist of a combination of any of these, fruit, turkey, string cheese, greek yogurt, boiled eggs, avocado,  peanut butter/almond butter and honey sandwich.  

My boring lunch but there's a lot of protein exactly what I need.  I love these meatless patties, they are by simple truth and have a ton of protein in them!

Then if it's Monday or Tuesday, we head to the grocery store.

I drop B off at the play area, it's free and it's awesome!! Hason can't stay till he's 3 but both my kids have always behaved excellently at the store so I don't mind bringing them along.

Maybe he's so good cause we always stop and grab a couple cars for him to play with while we shop (I never buy them though, we put them back at the end of our shopping trip, he normally throws a small fit then)

The toy cars are right next to the Sale section.  I always stop and take a look first.

Sometimes you can get some great stuff!!

When we get home Brielle helps me bring in the groceries then she stocks our fridge with the bottled water I always buy.  We then try to play or do some type of craft.

Dinner time is nuts!  I always cook on Mondays and Wednesdays and make enough for left overs on Tues and Thurs.  Then I may cook again at some point on that weekend but it all depends on what we have going on.  Anyways, the hour to an hour and a half I spend cooking the kids normally spend going nuts and fighting and screaming.  I am at my wits end when Landon gets home.  When he arrives they are so happy to see him he can't even take the time to change outta his work clothes.  Hason won't let him go. He comes to the dinner table and we ear right away. 

After dinner we normally like to go for a walk or play board or card games.  Today we went for a walk. Hason trying to blow dandelions.  He pretty much ate it on accident haha.

Then we normally have a small argument over going to bed...

She's not happy.

Hason has no idea whats coming.  

Landon and I switch off putting the kids to bed.  We are both so tired at the end of the day we think it's such a great idea that one of us gets to do nothing at bedtime but sit on the couch and relax lol.  Tonight was my night.  I read and sing and pray with Hason first while Brielle changes into her pajamas and brushes her teeth.  Then I go to her room and do the same. 

Landon's normally battling, he's kinda a fan of clash of clans lol.

Then we turn on a show.  A couple of our favs to watch together are Suits, Friday night lights,  Parks and Rec,  Real World Challenges (yes I know)  Modern Family, Orange is the New Black.  We also have a couple of netfilx shows we are watching or have watched, True detective,  Carnival, 6 feet Under.  Can you tell we like creepy murder shows.  I have no idea why ha! 

While we watch tv I will sometime answer emails again to get in an extra hour or two at work. Then we go to be about 10:30 or 11:00 pm and do it all over the next day!

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