Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brent's In Town

Landon's cousin Brent was in town a couple of weekends ago for work.

Brielle was happy he stopped buy to visit us!

For the last few weeks before we moved and the first few weeks we got here we ate out a lot!  Something we are not used to.  We were both fortunate to have moms who cooked for us growing up so home cooked meals are very important to both of us and I like cooking for my family (or maybe it's that I like to control what they eat lol)  Finally I'm back on a schedule and we are eating good again.
I love going out to eat but it's more of a social thing for me.

Brielle and her frozen blueberries. I just love this treat.

Tilapia, Quinoa and Brussels Sprouts.  We were all pretty happy to have something healthy for a change.

This kid will eat anything!
She ended up eating 2 flanks of fish, another scoop of quinoa
and a couple of my Brussels sprouts off my plate.  

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