Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm sooo lucky in the fact that I have quite a few friends that live here already with kiddos Brielle's age. We had a play date with my friend Melodie and her kids.  Her and I  started to become close a few months ago back in Amarillo. We were in the same bible study at church, lived just down the street from each other and were in the same laugh and learn class at the library, we were meant to be friends!  We got to talking and found out that both our husbands were trying to find new jobs in Dallas.  Landon is also friends with her hubby.  They ended up moving here the week after we did!

Brielle, Grayson and Trevor

We took the kids to the mall, how awesome is Nordstroms!! They had coloring pages and movies to keep the kids busy while we got to work shopping ha!

Then we had the chance to hang out with my friend Jayme, and who I used to work with and go to church with.  They moved here about a month before us!

Sweet little Evan

Brielle and Ryan begging to go to the pool

Frisco's indoor playground

Jayme and I

I got B a fruit slushy for the ride home, good thing I did cause I got lost for the first time....took us an hour to get home as opposed to 25 min!!!

My friend Erin and I met up at the mall to let the kids play.  We met when we worked at Hollister together. She has always been one of my favorite friends and was only in my life for a little while.  I hadn't seen her in 6 years and she's still as beautiful as ever inside and out!  I wish I got a picture of us!

Brielle and Asher enjoying the merry go round!

So needless to say I've not been lonely and it almost feels as if nothings changed.

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