Friday, June 15, 2012

Noodle Fun

Now that my soul job is taking care of Brielle, I can dedicate my time to all the fun things I knew I'd do when I became a mom!
I've been scoping the Internet for fun, cheap ideas.
First fun project.....noodles and marbles.

We would race them down the noodles into a laundry basket and watch them roll around.

This is how excited this activity made her ha!

Then she would hold the bottom and try to catch them as I rolled them down.

Yes there is a huge mess in the background.
I could have moved it and pretended I keep my place perfect, but I don't : )
First of all it's really hard to keep a tiny place picked up...
you leave one thing out and the place looks like a disaster.
Second, everyone's home looks like this from time to time, probably everyday.  I'm gonna stop apologizing and so should you.....messy homes are like cellulite, we all have it so I'm not gonna pretend I don't or judge other for it ha.
Third, this little one is only gonna be this age today.....
that crap of stuff on the floor will be there for years if I let it.
Lastly, if I'm honest, I can be kinda lazy sometimes and I'd rather be doing something fun!

Now on to more noodle fun.
I would hold one end and she the other and we'd slide the balls back and forth then try to balance them in the middle.

 It ended with a sword fight!  Who wouldn't love this job!


  1. Oh so jealous! I would give anything to spend time with Blakely like this! Promise my house is never perfect either!!! Love you! XOXO

    1. Someday you will Tonya! Love you!


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