Friday, June 1, 2012


We visited our first church here.  It reminded us a lot of our church back home except it wasn't one HUGE reunion in the kids drop off area, I miss seeing all the familiar faces!
It was a great church with a great sermon, but we are going to keep our options opened.

Church was our second home in Amarillo and we felt so comfortable there, all the nursery workers knew us by name and knew Brielle, I miss that.  We loved our small group and I really enjoyed my moms bible study so we hope and pray to find somewhere that's perfect for us!  I haven't been sad for a second since leaving Amarillo but during service on Sunday the tears just started to fall and I couldn't stop them.
  Finding the right church is so important!

We headed to Flower Mound's square for lunch after church.
So pretty!

Brielle's loving all the fun here too!

Just look at my beautiful mom, anybody know any single men around here!

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