Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Katie and Jake In Town

My sister in law Kaytie and her boyfriend were in town for a concert and got to spend the weekend with us a couple weeks ago.
Never to old to be twinkies!

Hurray Aunt Kaytie is here!

We took them to one of our favorite spots in Southlake.

If you don't know Kaytie...well here she is........

We couple, Jake gets the stamp of approval from us!

We are trying to teach B some table manners.....I struggle in that area and I don't want her to pick up my bad habits!  When she has a mouth full of food she'll put her finger up to her mouth and say "I can't talk yet" then when she's finished she'll announce "NOW I CAN TALK" haha.  Sometimes when she has a mouthful she will  whisper cause she thinks that's better than talking in a normal voice with a mouth full of food ha!

Brielle always wants to make it somebody's birthday. 

Blow out the candles!

Oh now it's Kaytie's B Day

Whats in there?

By the time we got back our hair was frizzy and we were 10 weeks preggo with food babies.  I think Kaytie's having a boy, she's carrying kinda high.

After their fun night at the concert, we all met up for some drinks.

REALLY.....That's the face he makes when I kiss him.

It wouldn't be a complete night without one creeper showing up.

The one good thing that came out of the Jersey Shore....fist pumps!

We think we're awfully cute!

Taadaa! Boy do I love my sister in law, she's never a dull moment and she's up for doing anything and
such a joy to be around! I am blessed!

I think we could be good friends!

The morning after...recognize Kaytie's dress pajamas ha!

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