Thursday, June 21, 2012

House Hunting

House Hunting has not been fun.  Of course I looove looking at houses.  But when it's so serious it's just too much.  We've already had 2 homes in the last 5 years....we want this next one to be a 5 to 7 year home for sure!  The problem is we can't decide what city we want to live in. Landon likes Flower Mound and I like Frisco.  We both would be ok living in either one it's just our preference.  Next we can't decide if we want a pool or not.  Well I really want a pool but it's hard to come by houses that has a pool.......soooo do we wait till we find one with a pool and pass up awesome homes without one and then have to settle when it gets to close to the end of our lease or start looking now at houses without one.  I also want 4 bedrooms so friends and family can stay with us.  We do not want a new neighborhood or new house at all.  After living in our neighborhood that was so new our taste has changed.  We want to live in an area that  is developed with lots of big trees.  Also in a new neighborhood you never know the direction it is gonna take.  If it's developed you know it's not going to get trashy. The the tolls are also a problem...the toll fees would add up a lot quicker in Frisco than Flower Mound.  We have to give a 60 day notice at our apartments so we turned that in this weekend, therefore we have about 3 weeks to find a home UGH!

 I'm at the end of  my rope with our tiny living situation.  The first 6 months was not bad especially since we were saving so much we are only saving a little so it's not worth it...I'm annoyed, I don't like living in apartments at all!  The people are ugh, it's small and our dog has gotten fleas 3 times now.
GET ME OUTTA HERE!  So there is so much to consider and we've never not agreed on something like this, it's been quite stressful.  We've already bought and sold 2 houses so this ain't our first's not as fun as buying your first home.  One GREAT thing though is we do have an advantage when it comes to bidding cause we don't have to sell a house no contingency!
Here are the losers.......This one had a weird dining area off by didn't flow very good

Brielle really likes our realtor, Jill has been the absolute best, she really knows what she's talking about and has a pretty good idea of how much things will cost to update or fix.  Bless Brielle's heart, when we get in the car she asks if we are going to look at houses haha, that's what her life has become now,

This one looks one story but it's two story.  I'm not a fan of two living areas downstairs....what a waste...I don't like formal living rooms.  I do like a living area upstairs for a loft or game room that makes more sense!

They stained their own concrete....way to go, you did a terrible job people!

Dinner after a failed day of house hunting.

This one had a lot of potential, cul de sac, swimming pool, great lay out.........but they enclosed the garage and didn't' want to come off the price that much or fix it....REALLY...who encloses a garage in a house this size.....people are so stupid sometimes. 

We had high hopes for this home, it was in an area we really liked.

The inside was such a bore.......yawn! There were no trees, flowers or bushes in the backyard. 

Now this home was pretty great! It had plenty of room and a pool!!! It just needed a lot of updating which we are down for, for the right price!

Ugly kitchen.....I could fix that though!

Loved the backyard!  We told our realtor we would call with an offer the next day.  After sleeping on it I just didn't' feel good about it.  It was that maternal instinct kinda feeling I can't explain.  I want a pool so bad but I know one of the main killer of toddlers is pools/drownings.  Of course we would put in a security fence and net but just never know.
Our next home will have a pool when my kiddos can swim!

As we were leaving town after another afternoon of house hunting we stumbled upon a carnival at a church. It was soooo much fun!

They had a lot of free food, drinks, popcorn, and games.

Baptizing people in the middle of all the fun! That was so cool!

Brielles' first pony ride.  She wasn't so sure about it though.

She thought the duck was Ming Ming from wonder pets...her favorite show!

Right now we are doing lots of praying and I'm feeling more at peace with our house shopping.  We will see what God has in store for us...cause I really don't want to end up having to live in an extended stay ha!


  1. And what's wrong with an extended stay?!?!? Hahaha! God has the perfect home waiting for you!

    1. haha, maybe there wouldn't be fleas there! And I'd have a maid to clean for me!


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