Friday, June 8, 2012

Downtown Dallas

Last weekend we went into Downtown Dallas to walk around and see the sights.

They do allow Eskimos, I like that!

Patio eating's the best cause Brielle can run around and not behave haha
and nobody notices since we're outside.

Feeding  of the pigeons

We visited the place Kennedy was shot, I've driven by many times but never actually got out to take a look.

2nd window from the top on the far right was the one they supposedly thought the gunshot came from.  Such a sad story, I never knew the details nor have I seen all the photos of the moment it happened. One of the photos showed Jackie crawling on top of the back of the car after the gunshot.  I was like what the heck is she doing....apparently retrieving a portion of her husbands head to put back on and hold there until they got to the hospital.  How horrible, I can't even imagine being 33 and having to experience something like that.


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  1. Diana- Looks like yall are having so much and getting to do so much!! I am so glad I can keep up with yall on the blog!! Please let us know if you come in town anytime soon! We could have a small group cookout to reunite!! :) I hope all is well and I miss you guys!! Love ya!!


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