Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Cookout Of The Summer

Summer is officially in full swing!

They look so much alike, they even stand the same ha!

Nothings sweeter!

Love this picture of my two!

Ok soooo, we have officially hit the terrible 2 1/2's!!! Brielle  definitely has her own opinions on how things should be done and has been testing her limits lately.  She's so much worse when Landon and I are together than when only one of us has her to ourselves,  thank goodness since she's with me 75% of the time!
Here she is throwing one of her fits.  She screams and fights!  This age really tests my patience.

She runs away now too.

First cookout of many

The Chef

Our fancy wine glasses 

Who could love this face

I can!!!

She keeps us laughing all day long with her silly faces and all the cute thing she says now a days!

She can never leave baby out.

Landon snuck Neely out after dark since we aren't actually paying for her to be here. I know its wrong but come on, you only get half your deposit back....she's a well behaved potty trained dog. Not gonna do it!

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