Monday, June 4, 2012

Landon's 28th Birthday!

Landon turned 28 this year.  Holy cow, since he's younger than me it makes me feel so much older when he turns another year older than when I do!  Isn't he supposed to be like 25!
I couldn't be happier being married to this man!! He is my dream come true and deserves all the goodness this world has to offer! I love you babe and Happy Birthday!

I could just squeeze this picture! and nibble off those toes!

Poor Landon, we had been doing so much when we got here we were both pretty tired when his bday rolled around.  My mom left that morning too so we had no sitter.  His B-day was pretty low key. 
We've never eaten at Chipotle so we thought we'd give it a try. 

Landon enjoyed, it reminded him of Sharky's burritos back home and he loves that place.

Birthday present time, If you ever wonder what to get him a Best Buy gift card just lights up his life!
 (you couldn't tell from this picture, I promis he was happy)

Brielle was practicing taking pictures....not bad for her first time....

We got Landon a slice of Nestley pie....We couldn't let the day go by without a candle to blow out
(For Brielle's sake more than him)
Brielle loves singing happy birthday to people.
Her eyes just light up anytime we tell her it's someones birthday!

His baby girls

Neely has never really been real cuddly with me but she has been extremely lovey since we moved,
I'm loving all this extra Eskimo love!

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