Sunday, June 10, 2012

Khara's In Town!

My best friend Khara came in town to visit me a couple of weekends ago! I was ecstatic!
My friend Natalie lives close to me so she joined us for a day full of fun!

I took Khara to shop at South Lakes Square....I knew she'd love it!

She should have done pool first then shopping cause it was super hot and we got super thirsty.
Good thing this place were right there.

Hurray for great friends!

After shopping we relaxed in Natalie's pool.

Then it was off to Humperdinks for dinner.  Alicia lives in Ft Worth and she met us that night.
I just had to get a picture of this...All us girls we chit chatting and Khara just awkwardly kept raising her hand.....this went on for a good 30 seconds before we all kinda noticed at the same time including her and she embarrassingly said "What am I doing! I just keep raising my hand" baahaa.
We got a good laugh out of that one!

This bloody mary may look good but it wasn't!  Every time I've ordered a fancy drink from here they are gross. Next time I'm getting tea!

My friend/sorority sister Erin met us after dinner.
I haven't seen her in forever and it was nice to hang out again!


I liked this place.  They allowed dogs there.  Only white ones apparently cause there was a white Dane, a white boxer and a white pit.  Good thing Neely's white!

We ended the night with a snack.....and Khara telling the order lady that we were with
 the truck in front of us lol!

Here she is asking the guys to buy our food. She's pointing at me yelling at them that I was Colombian.
She always likes to point that out haha!
Cheers to good times!

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