Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Way To Cool Off

We have been trying to soak up every bit of our pool since cooler days are just ahead. It was awesome to have it to cool off in while doing yard work the other day, I was trimming up bushes in this crazy heat but when I got hot I'd just jump in the pool and cool off.  We have a couple of bushes right by the pool on the shallow end so I trimmed those while still in the pool, that made it not such a chore!

 Brielle could spend all day in there! 

 This was the best pool toy we've bought so far,  I got it for $4!  Us adults like to play horse with it.  Guess who hasn't won a game yet!  You guessed me didn't you......No, Landon hahaha!
I love to give him heck about that!

 Don't come any closer or you'll be sorry, she's got pretty good aim!

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