Saturday, October 20, 2012

Levi and Chloe

Landon's cousin moved from Houston to Lake Kiowa which is only about an hour away from us.  
Levi and Chloe are Brielle's only cousins...they are 3rd cousins to be exact (I think that's how it works) any who that just seems to distant for as close as they are and are gonna be growing up so to us they are cousins and we are their aunt and uncle.
We love finally having them close to us and we have been taking advantage with lots of play dates!  

I can't even put into words how much it means that she has a little family member as a friend close in age. They play really well together and I pray that they will always be close, always love each other, and always watch out for one another.

I also love having Emily around to talk about mommy things with and of course crafts and etsy shopping!
A girls night is in order!

 They had so much fun pushing each other around on that little plane,
and running into Emily's walls and cabinets!

They both are obsessed with puzzles!

 Levi just has the sweetest little spirit.  We like to give Trent and Emily a hard time on how easy he is and  how his fits are hardly fits.  He may not be ours but we are just so proud of what a good boy he is!  Parenting  isn't easy but Trent and Emily seem do it with ease, they are great parents and are doing a really good job with our little niece and nephew!

 Lets not forget the little princess!

 Oh she gives me baby fever like no other!

Recently we watched the OU vs Texas game at their house....the game was terrible but at least we were in good company!

I asked Brielle if she wanted to hold Chloe and her eyes light up as if to say "Is that legal! heck yes!" lol
She was soooo excited to hold her and said she was heavy.

Brielle taking pictures of me

and Trent

Everybody just relaxing! Can't believe Chloes already in a bumbo!

We headed into town for a small fair they had.


The boys decided to play some golf and we insisted they take the kids for at least a few holes,
Emily and I enjoyed the quiet!

Apparently this is all B wanted to do ha!

Aunt Emily's clever toy kept her busy for a bit.

I have to write this down cause I don't want to forget.  When we were there that day Levi was playing golf with his indoor golf clubs.  After he hit the ball he would start running around...we were like "what's he doing?"  Apparently it doesn't matter what sport he is playing he likes to "run the bases" BAAHAA! One of the top 10 funniest things I've ever seen a little kid do! I could just squeeze him, every time I think about it I can't help but laugh out loud!

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