Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Decorating

Hurray! It's Halloween decorating time!  Brielle didn't know what to think of the bucket of pumpkins.

I found this cute little foam owl for her.

Craft time!

My mom put the owl in the middle of the wreath and I loved it there.
Now every year I use it, I'll remember my sweet Brielle did the owl.

I had one request when we bought this house, I wanted a mantle to decorate!!! Our TV is huge and very heavy, made me nervous hanging it on the wall anyways and it takes up too much room.   So Landon bought a smaller TV for the living room so I could have my mantle! Love my guy and what he does for me!

White chocolate chip pumpkin muffins

B asked what they were, I said "muffins" she said "oh cupcake muffins" they sure are sweetie!

With fall comes  
 popcorn sweetness!

And Halloween books!

And leaves!

Fall is my favorite season....we love everything about it.....
except starring into that darn pool and not getting to use it till next year lol!

My sister Kasey is a HUGE fan of Halloween.  I was so excited to get this package in the mail for no reason at all!  She even decorated the box all festive!

She sent B some Halloween soap,
she was so excited when she pushed the pump and the thing lite up and made cat hissing noises lol!

The card had a pirate and a parrot on the inside. 
 The parrot would repeat everything you said and move his little beak!

Somebody had way to much fun with it! She played with that card forever.

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