Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gymnastics, Pumpkins and Shopping Steals!

My little honey bear graduated to the next class up in gymnastics!  It didn't hit me till I got home and started telling Landon about it. I couldn't believe we had just had our last mommy and me gymnastics class EVER!  My stars, they should let the mommas be with them till they are at least 4!

So the next week we walked on in, I told her I was going to be behind the window watching her and tried to  make it not so scary for her that I wasn't going to be in there.  She skipped off, talked to me from behind the glass a couple of times and never looked back Ha!  Me on the other hand had made all well with my head but apparently not with my heart.  But then came the tears, longing and sadness because of the end of this chapter in our lives.  I was a bit embarrassed cause it was so quiet in there with the other moms watching!  They need some music in that place.  After about 5 minutes I was normal again.  This just had to happen in October didn't it, when I'm an emotional mess about her anyways!

Here she is enjoying being a bat!

I just had to laugh at her the whole way through, she went from being the oldest and most advanced to the youngest and least advanced in her class.  They said her name more than any other kid.  If she was standing up she was either jumping, moving or dancing around.  That kid can't sit still!  Hey I didn't ask to move her up!  I had to learn to give up a little control that day, I think it's good for me.

We finally found some time to carve our pumpkin!  Here is Landon seriously thinking of a good unique pumpkin face to draw.

Awe there's one nobody's ever seen before........LOL!

I think Neely knew what was inside.......she just one of the family and always in the middle of everything!

Last year Breille wanted nothing to do with pulling out the guts and this year either.
 She said they were sticky!

Eskimos love pumpkin!

She did help scoop the seeds though.

Clean my hands mom!

Totally over pumpkin carving.  Is she just being a typical 3 year old or did she inherit some a.d.d. from me!
I hope not!

She did enjoy lighting the pumpkin every night.  That thing only lasted us like a week before it went raw!  I guess that's what we get for not buying a $16 at the pumpkin patch but a $3 at the store.

I've never roasted the seeds before but I will be from now on!

Last week I took Brielle out for an early Birthday outing.  We were going to have family in town for her actual Birthday and I wanted to do something special with just the two of us.  I'm a little stingy with her!
Our day consisted Brielle getting some cute toms, eating birthday cookies and playing!

(I made a trip to Once Upon a Child not so long ago for no particular reason.  I came across some Bailey Ugg Boots...ya know the pink ones with bows...they were $25 and looked almost new...they retail for $130 I believe.....Well Brielle already has them so I thought to myself....Wholly Cow, I could sell these on Ebay for way more than that.  And I did.  I made $60 to be exact...bought Brielle some toms and I got a cute new hat!)  It's not that we can't afford a pair of toms..I just hate paying full price for anything!!!   I can't stand to not get a good deal, I love feeling like I outsmarted the retail business as oppose to them outsmarting me! 
 I also scored a huge light fixture for our entryway for $49.....It was regularly $240!!!  I even talked them down a little more cause I took the floor sample!!  It was a successful shopping day for Diana!

And here's some random pictures just because.
Somebody  forgot your only supposed to use makers on paper!

For having long hair I don't take very good care of it.  My hairdresser says that long hair needs way more pampering than short hair.  I decided to do a deep conditioning treatment on it.  I loved it.  Left my hair shiny and smooth!  I'm gonna do it at least once a month now!

Here's the ingredients:
1 cup room temp mayo
1/2 cup olive oil
3 egg yolks

leave in for 20 minutes, rinse but don't shampoo...any oil left will keep on conditioning until you do shampoo the next day!

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