Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tampa Florida Part 2

On the second half of our trip Landon surprised me with a dolphin sight seeing excursion.
Unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins but it was fun none the less.

We got to see some awesome homes on the cool would it be to be able to say,
 "I have dolphins in my backyard!!!" 
We were told that the people who live here had won the lottery, lucky!

Can you guess who's house this is.....Hulk Hogans!

A blue house huh, Kinda like it.

We stopped on this tiny island to look for seashells

Of course I was the only one on the whole island who found a shell with an animal living in it!  What ever it was kept trying to slap my hand with it's tail.......can you see it's eyes!?

Darn, thought I found something awesome, just a shell.

A custom cover for your home huh? Some people don't know what to spend their money on.

Adorable mini dog I just had to cuddle with!

On our last day in Tampa Landon drove us to this lake which is pretty much a rain forrest.  It was beautiful and amazing!!!
It was so quiet and peaceful in the forest.....but every once and a while we couldn't help but get an erie alligator could be anywhere and that made us a bit nervous.  We found ourselves looking up facts about how fast they could run on land and what's the closest you should get to one lol!

Wahoo! We spotted one! He didn't like us being there and actually swam up quite close to size us up.
 This one was only about 4 or 5 ft long.  We ended up seeing 5 alligators that day!

Um yeah......that's not safe....."hey alligators, why don't you join us on our walk"

Kim K has a driveway like it! 

I have to admit vacations were much more enjoyable before we had a kid.  We just miss her so much!  Of course we enjoy our time away and try to take advantage of being just the two of us but we just can't help but miss our girl like crazy!  She gives us something wonderful to look forward to when coming home though!  All trip long we talked about how Brielle would have loooved this or loooved that, We should have taken time for sure!
She was excited to get gifts.

A seashell so she could hear the ocean

The little Eskimo thought the star fish was for her and would not leave it alone!

I just love my trips with my hubby and can't wait to start taking our kids with us, how much fun will that be!
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