Thursday, October 11, 2012


Oh how I love groupon!  We bought one to a wildlife ranch/zoo here called Sharkarosa.  
We didn't know what to expect but it was such a fun different experience from your normal zoo or drive through zoo.  We got so lucky too, it looked like it was going to rain but never did, we had perfect cool weather with just a little breeze!

Train ride while we jammed to "I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it! I like to MOVE IT!"

They had a couple of small presentations where they brought some animals out.  One was a cobra.  The kids got to sit on the floor by the stage but when Landon saw them bring this thing out he scooped Brielle up pretty quick and had her sit in his lap....everyone laughed but I thought it was a good move on his part!

We will let her pet them though (in a more controlled situation of course)

Don't you just die over this baby!  Sometimes he would get out of his cage and go exploring, but not to far from his mom.  They had to feed the Lemurs in order of their rankings or the higher more important ones would get super mad lol.

Haha, that can't be comfy!

We got to pet a Lemur. When the girl brought him out all the other lemurs started a ruckus because they were mad she had taken one of their own.  They don't like people messing with their family.

 After the animal presentations they took us on a ride to see the bigger animals   The cages had buckets attached to the sides of them and the animals would chase after us to get some treats.

 Half donkey half zebra, he was beautiful!

Our favorite were the camels! This one was sooo pretty and creepy at the same time, he was two tone colored and had blue eyes.  Landon and I totally thought he looked like a dinosaur chasing behind us!

 Kissy Face!

They were ornery little suckers.  None them liked mommy! She kept wanting to get a picture with them but they were to busy eating so she would "gently" tug at the fur on the tops of their heads haha! She used to do that to our parakeets! No wonder they didn't like her, she's annoying!

 See....isn't he cool looking! He'd just stand and stare, we thought he might attack!

The bears were so pretty, her and her brother were rescued from some horrible photographers.  They were starved in order to try to keep them small so people could take pictures with them.  So cruel.  They have made a full recovery and were very happy you could tell.
We liked her ombre hair color, she's in style!  

You should totally check this place out, we had a great time!

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