Monday, October 15, 2012

Tampa Florida Part 1

Landon and I had 2 free flights and 3 free nights of hotel that had to be used by the beginning of the year.
So what better way to use those than in Florida!  We love Florida and plan to live there at some point in our lives.  I was a little afraid I'd come back to Dallas and feel the way I did when we got back to Amarillo after our trip last year haha.  We all know what happened then!

Landon was suckered into upgrading to a Camaro.  I thought he told me we weren't spending money on this trip, lol they saw him coming!  Now he really wants a Camaro!

Too good a picture to not have background music...
"This is for the bourbons and the cadillacs, with the 10's and the 12's bumpin in the back"
Landon's the original G you know.

Little guy thought this was his mom, to funny!

That is a steep hill!

Landon found an awesome spot for us to watch the sunset that evening.

There were a lot of people fishing out there and this guy totally caught a sting ray!!

After watching the sunset we were in the mood for seafood, we tried out this little whole in the wall that was said to be awesome and it was!

The next morning we slept till 10 and spent the whole day at the beach!

The ocean is that way

That's disgusting!

Love this McDonalds!

When in Florida eat sea food!

I win, I'm the one with the kissing skills....Landon fail!

Beautiful view from our lunch table

We needed a small cooler for our drinks but of course they were on the top shelf....don't worry I've got this! 

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