Saturday, October 20, 2012

State Fair 2012

It's fair time!  We are way to cheap to pay for parking so we parked a few minutes away and took the tram to the fair, besides we thought Brielle would like riding it.  We also went on canned food day so we didn't have to pay full price to get in.

She liked it the first few minutes at least lol.

She's at such a fun age right now, where she understands and can do so much more!

Normally she's pretty weary of rides but the bubbles broke the ice on this one

She loved watching people come down on the log ride.

One of my favorite parts of the fair and always has been is looking at the animals and livestock.  I think it would be fun to show an animal like this.  When I was in 4H we would work the concession stands at the livestock shows to earn money for our state dog show trips, it was more fun than work to me. 

There was the CUTEST kids hands on area where the little ones would go through and learn how and where our food comes from......there are TONS of pictures! I thought it was ADORABLE!

First stop you get a bag of corn

Next water the peach tree and pick a peach

Then feed the chickens some corn and get an egg.

now milk your cow and get a carton of milk

Plant your seed

What did you grow.......a carrot!

Ride the tractor and feed the cows some more of your corn.

Now feed your sheep
and collect some wool

At the end they put everything back

And earned a huge dollar for their hard days labor.

Then they got to cash in their money at the general store and pick out a treat for a job well done!

So cute and all free! I don't know who enjoyed it more her or I!

This was the cleanest petting zoo I've ever seen, they also had shovels to feed the animals with as opposed to the kids using their hands..............the creeper in the background was super excited baaha!

There was a dog show!  When my kids are grown I'm gonna do something like this. I probably wouldn't have any friends but that's ok,  I can be the weird dog lady.

An Albino Doberman, normally there is something wrong with any albino dog that's not supposed to be all white but he was perfectly healthy, a bit of a nerdy fact for ya.

Fun family day!

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