Friday, October 5, 2012

Only with the Family, Derrick

Brielle had her first day of Gymnastics here at Excite Gym.  I loved the class she was in at Amarillo College and I loved her instructor Miss Brandi even more!  So I didn't think this place could live up to my expectations but it did!  The instructor is so great and they do a lot of fun different things we haven't done in gymnastics before. 
First day of gymnastics 2012
First day of Gymnastics last year 2011

Derrick left our house and headed to Amarillo after Labor day to see his parents and then stayed with us again on his way back to Austin.  My Aunt had taken a trip to Canada and New York and sent Derrick back with gifts for B.
 This girl has said some of the funniest things lately! She's getting pretty witty!
Just last night she said....."Thank you dad for working so hard!" Then she looked and me and said "Thank you mom for cooking the food!" We melted in our seats!!!

When she gets upset and doesn't want to do something she will say: 
"I don't Wan!" Translation: "I don't wanna"
"I don't Have!" Translation: "I don't have to!"
"I don't Need!" Translation "I don't need to!"  
She's pretty lazy with those last words and syllables haha!

When she sees Landon or I drinking a coke, coffee, wine or anything like it she says "Are you drinking a man drink?" lol yes we sure are.  Now she's gotten to where she asks "Are you drinking a man girl drink"  She knows those aren't for her lol!

She calls her big toe her "Big Pinkie Toe"

Zebra all the way from Canada from Mimi

Cute little lion towel from my cousin Hugo Rene in Canada.

I don't know why I try to pull my hair back.....nobody needs to see my 5 head!

Mom, Derrick and I visited a wine bar after dinner. I love these kind of places, no smoke and the music isn't so loud you can't even talk.

 Derrick even won a prize for finding the wine we wanted on the menu before our waitress could.  
It's a cork key chain ha!

I look awful here but love this picture with all 3 of us!

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