Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Babysitting Dogs

Landon's parents came into town a couple of weeks ago, the were headed to California for the week and we babysat their dogs. They also brought us a suburban load of the stuff that didn't fit into our moving truck.........how do you like the bookshelf strapped on top lol! 
They see me rollin, they hatin!

Brielle was so excited to see her grandparents!

Poor Callie got lost and couldn't figure out how to get upstairs or where our voices were coming from lol!

Of course Gigi came bearing gifts, a nice pair of bunny slippers

Foxy found her a comfy corner and refused to move the whole night ha!

Ok flash forward a week and the Gann's are back.  The dogs were happy to see them for sure!
They brought us back these adorable comfy pajamas!

Gannpa...very proud of his self portrait!

That night WT was playing at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and since we had never been it was a great opportunity to see it at a cheap price.

A pink store inside the stadium, genius!

It was soooo cool! I wish I could go to a Cowboys game (and see the cheerleaders!)  I got to take a tour of the old stadium when I was in high school with our youth group.  I even got to throw a football around on the field, maybe someday we can do it here!

We met up with our friends Sharon and Daniel, It was so nice to see them and catch up!

They spelled Buffaloes wrong ha!

We won!!

Morning playtime before heading back to Amarillo.

So glad we only live 6 hours away from these guys!

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  1. I laughed at so many of these pictures! LOVE the pajamas!


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