Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Fire Station!

A few weeks ago one of the moms that sits at my table at bible study invited Brielle and I to visit the fire station.  Who would pass up a chance to see Firemen Firetrucks!!!

Oh we are going to have to work on how to sit like a lady haha!

This was a Lantana moms playgroup she had invited me to.  Everyone was so nice.  That seems to be the reoccurring trend around here. Everybody is new,  so everyone is friendly and wanting to find friends! 

Brielle was not having it in the truck.  These little boys wouldn't move out of her way and I guess she felt stuck and started crying her eyes out. It isn't a day with my B if there isn't at least one dramatic breakdown!

Playing with the boys.......

Until she got her little hand stepped on. 

The inside of the fire house totally reminded me of (and smelled like) Landon's frat house.

 Typical man pantry.

I asked if this was their dinner table and one of the guys said yes......I said "no it's not that's your poker table don't lie"  He said with a little grin "well maybe."  Landon would love to be a fireman.  I told him it was a good thing he didn't go cause he would have quite his job right then......until he saw the pay cut lol.
He'd probably volunteer just so he could hang out with the guys and what man doesn't want a job that labels him a hero!

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