Monday, April 8, 2013

24 Weeks!

Here we are, 24 Weeks!!! only 16 more weeks to go
and one month to my 3rd Trimester!!!
I just can't tell, I feel I look the same and I'm sure I've gained about
the same as well.  I'm up 22 lbs which is about 4 lbs over what I should
be at dangit!!! I didn't' want to gain as much this time but I feel like I'm
on the same track.
One nice thing however is I think I may be carrying differently. I can't really
tell from the pictures but I can still wear my regular pants and
they fit comfortably, I'm just unzipping them and using the old rubber band
method to keep them up.
With Brielle I switched over to maternity pants at 20 weeks, not sure
if it was cause I was just that uncomfortable or I just thought it
was time and I was excited to wear pregnant clothes.  Either way
I'm still wearing my old pants which is awesome!

I had a lot of energy starting week 20 till about now.  I thought it would last longer.
I'm not dog tired all the time yet but I've have noticed just this past week that I can only
cram so much into one day and then have to put off the rest for tomorrow.
My hips and back will start to hurt and I just get tired and sleepy.
I took two naps this week and I haven't taken a nap since about 18 weeks,
 a sign for me to slow down.

Don't really have any ongoing cravings, except for oranges still I guess.

A couple differences with this pregnancy than my last is that I'm stuffy a lot.
I don't feel like it's a cold or sinus stuff cause I feel fine otherwise, it's just
hard to breath,  apparently that can be one of the many weird side effects
of pregnancy. TMI...but I'm also a bit constipated, so annoying, that is all
I'm gonna say about that ha.

Hason kicks so much differently than Brielle ever did. Her kicks felt normal.
Have you ever had gas in your tummy and you feel like sometimes those gas
bubbles burst on the inside (please tell me someone has cause Landon has
no clue what I'm talking about) Well that's what his kicks feel like...bursts maybe
and they are real quick and kinda jerky/explosive maybe.
  Brielle's were graceful maybe cause she's a girl and his are sloppy just like a boy haha!
I can't tell where he is sometimes either...maybe he's kicking towards my back
and that's why I can't tell exactly where the kicks are.  So far he doesn't' keep me
up at night and neither did Brielle. He kicks down a lot which is a weird feeling, I swear if I were to look down I might see a foot come out haha! He's active after I eat and when I sit or lay down.
After praise and worship at church and all through church service on Easter Sunday he
was going crazy.  Brielle did this too. Needless to say I missed a lot of sermons
cause I was too into my sweet baby moving around! I just love it!

 I have been getting a tightness real low, feels like he's
pushing himself up as far against my tummy as he possibly can, but maybe
they are braxton hicks, when it happens I feel short of breath or like  it's kinda hard to breath which is weird cause it's not like he's in my ribcage, he's way down low.  I didn't have any braxton hicks with Brielle so I wouldn't really know what they feel like.
Either way I'm not worried about it.
 Last appointment I was measuring a week ahead and this time I was measuring 4 days ahead.
I've given myself a due date of August 1st, that's two weeks after my "real" due date,
just so I don't get depressed if I go past my original date.  I don't have the option
really of getting pitocin or induced because I'm going to attempt a VBAC!!!
Don't know if I've mentioned that yet but I will do a big ole blog on that later,
I'm so excited to have the chance to labor the way I should have been
able to do the first time!

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