Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Relaxing At Lake Kiowa

A couple weekend we spent our Saturday at Lake Kiowa visiting the cousins.
The boys played golf and the girls chatted and relaxed on the patio.

Aunt Carol and Lin were also in town which was a treat.
Baby Chloe just up from her nap.

The kids had so much fun playing together.  The blew bubbles almost the whole time we were there I think!
They always play really well together with just a few interventions from us but the did incredible this time!

Good thing Levi likes cars or Brielle would be bored lol.

Miss priss crawling all around and wanting to know all the business going on around her!

B though Levis golf cart was so cool!

Levi was very good with his putter, you can tell he lives on a golf course.

Look at that stance! Such a little man I just wanted to squeeze him but I know better than to disrupt a man in the middle of his golf game ha!
And somehow I managed to not get any pictures of Emily or I and the delicious dinner she made us.
Fun times! 

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