Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sherryann and James Visit!

We were so excited my middle sister Sherryann and her BF James finally got to come and visit us!
We did a little shopping of course at the Highland Village Square by our house.
Since the boys were so patient with us we took them to a local sports store they they could have some fun too.
Daddy was loving getting to talk to the employees all about sports.
We ate at Rockfish, next time I'm getting the pecan crusted tilapia like Shern, it was sooo good!
I thought this sign was pretty funny......

Bless their hearts for being patient with me.  Everyday half way through the day we had to go home so I could lay down and take a nap so I could make it through the evening lol.  They joys of the 3rd trimester.

Saturday we took them to the wildlife ranch we have around here.

This piglet was the cutest little thing ever! 

We got in line to right the mini tour bus and realized we should probably make b take a restroom break before getting on.  She was wasn' happy cause she thought she might not make it back in time to ride. (and I think she knows Landon doesn't get in a hurry for anything)  As soon as she finished at the pottys (which were pretty far away) she came bolting outta there. She wasn't gonna let dads slow pace slow her down haha.
AND SHE'S OFF...................

Poor little thing,  look at that concerned look on her face.


South American spitting camel.  When I showed B this picture she actually remembered it was called a spitting camel. Probably cause dad made a big deal out of pointing out how angry all South Americans are, even their animals ha!

Our favorite (creepy) camel.  He looks like a dinosaur!

And here's sherryann almost getting attacked baahaa!

Brielle was on cloud nine with her Aunt here!

Sheryl Ann's FAVORITE animal since she was a little girl!

She just about died that she got to pet the baby Joey!
 After the zoo we stopped at one of my favorite little gems I found in Denton!!!
They serve about 25 different combinations of Mac and Cheese! Does it get any better than that! I don't think so, except they do have a happy hour which I cannot partake in at the moment but will someday!

Landon's was some type of Southwestern/Mexican dish.

Mine pretty much tasted like a cheeseburger.  It had pickles on it!!! A pregnant woman's paradise I tell ya!  We passed them all around and tired each others and not a single one disappointed us!
We had a blast and it was so nice to have my sister here.  Now we just have to convince them to move here for good!

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