Thursday, April 4, 2013

Randy, Teresa and Kaytie Visit!

Landon's family got to come down for the weekend to
celebrate Easter with us.  We were so happy we didn't
have to spend the Holiday alone!
All night all Brielle wanted to do was hide eggs and have us
take turns searching for them.

uh uh peaking!

Kaytie and I researching how to make our own
deodorant...that stuff causes cancer!  Kaytie hates taking medicine
likes to cook from scratch and wants to try all natural things just like I do.
We're a couple of crunchy girls I tell ya.

Opening her mini princess books from her Lita.

Saturday morning we took Brielle to a small Easter festival
they had at one of our shopping centers.


We looooved the chicks the most! I want my own so
I can have organic eggs. Landon ain't going for it but
I'm pretty sure someday Kaytie will definitely have her
own chicken coop! And a cute one at that!

Love this picture and how pretty her eyes look!

Brielle getting her face painted for the first time

She loved her butterfly and wanted to keep it on forever.

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