Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ikea and The Museum

I was sick as a dog  a couple of Mondays ago.  I got a bake potato at Mcalisters and it had some bad meat on it.  My mom got the same thing but hardly ate any of the toppings and she just go a little sick.  I was so mad at myself cause I don't eat lunch meat while pregnant and I completely overlooked the fact that the potato was topped of with some kind of lunch meat. Landon didn't even notice.  If I had been paying attention and sticking to not eating lunch meat I could have prevented the whole ordeal!
Took me half the week to recover, thank goodness I had my mom and Landon to take care of me.

My sweet honey also surprised me with some beautiful flowers (from Colombia of course) and candy.
The most wonderful part was the card, probably my most favorite card he's given me yet with some of the sweetest words I've ever heard, gosh I love that man!

By the end of the week I was better so I called up my friend Melodie who lives in Frisco to meet me at Ikea for some shopping.  I had a big list of things I needed to complete Brielle's big girl room.  I'm not too keen on their decorations but I do love all their organizational stuff and that's what I was on a mission to get.

After our successful trip we stopped at Blue Mesa and ate, It was sooo good.
We went through 3 bowls of sweet potato chips and fire roasted hot sauce!

We had the most perfect weather and beautiful view!

Brielle and Grayson finished giving the ducks our remaining 4th bowl of chips ha.

The following Tuesday we met Melodie and the boys at the Art Museum for 1st Tuesday fun
This was the funnest craft they've done yet, painting with different fruits and veggies!

I was super nervous about all that paint and Brielle ruining her new outfit
from her Gigi, but we made it out with minimal mess.

The other craft we did was make a wiener dog out of scraps of everything.

Brielle's and mine lol!

My little artist discovered the fun in pencil sharpening,
 she made sure ALL the pencils got a turn.

The last activity of the day was story time but
this week they had a lot of music and movement
to go with it.  Can you tell she had a blast!

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