Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Family Easter

After everyone headed out a couple of us relaxed for a bit.

Then we let B open her gift from her Aunt Sasha.  
I tell ya I was not this thoughtful as a high school kid,
and I could care less about kids, but Sasha loves my 
babies so much! She's just the best and is always 
sending them little surprises for every holiday!
I'm very proud of the person my cousin is and growing up to be!

I loved seeing his name on his very own mail!

I DIED when I saw that she got these for Hason ! I've been wanting some
so bad.  Sasha's a fashionista so she knows how important clothes are!

Brielle enjoyed coloring her chick and loved even more that
it was a puzzle, that girl loves her puzzles!

Beautiful, I was impressed that she colored the top and bottom
 of the shell the same color. She's getting better and
better at coloring.

It was a beautiful day for dying Easter eggs outside.
I was excited I had tablets left from last year,
saved us 4 bucks not having to buy a new kit haha!
I have become so cheap when it comes to some things.

Anytime Landon's doing something or thinking hard
he get this serious face, I'm gonna get him some botox
to stop those frown lines for sure haha!
He doesn't even notice he does it.
Landon pointed out that B was wearing the same outfit last
last year to dye eggs in haha.


Easter eggs 2012, a little more of a round baby face.

 Apparently I grew up very deprived cause sometimes we got Easter baskets and sometimes we didn't.  None of us believed the Easter bunny was real, we just had fun pretending.  But not Landon! He was confused why I didn't set her stuff out Easter morning for her to find, gosh darn it, this isn't Christmas and why the heck would we start that tradition when every Easter Sunday is going to be filled with us all rushing to get to church early to get seats.  I don't think that's a good idea, I don't like telling her that the Easter bunny left her this either but whatever, I went with it. I swear, with this holiday stuff I'm so stunned sometimes at the fact that I don't know how to do it right or how other family's traditionally do it I feel as if I grew up in Colombia! It's also funny to me that Landon's the one that has to tell me how it's done, it's normally the other way around ha!!!  Landon says my family celebrated Christmas and Easter all wrong lol. (we opened all our gifts on Christmas eve and didn't have Santa gifts in the morning, we still turned out somewhat normal!)
 I just say my sisters and I weren't that stupid to fall for fake people and animals!

Any who here is her Easter basket from mom and dad  the Easter Bunny.
She got two Easter books about the true meaning of Easter and some
Sophia The First toys and a Sophia T-shirt.

Line um up!

We had a beautiful Easter and can't believe that next year we will have
a 8 month old sweet baby boy aaahhhhh! I'm so excited and feel so blessed!
Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and dying for us so that we can live forever with you!

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