Wednesday, April 3, 2013

That's My Kind Of Dr's Visit!

The Thursday before Easter Brielle's Dr's Office hosted an Easter egg hunt.
They hid  scattered about 1,000 eggs!

Brielle's reaction to the Easter Bunny!

She picked up two eggs and was done...she started to open
them and say "lets see whats in here" I was like "Brielle we'll look
later...just keep getting eggs, get a lot!"
For some reason she got the concept of Easter egg hunting
much more last year than this year lol!
She realizes she's not the only one hunting.........


I took her to the back of the building where none of the other kids were.
You can see all the Easter eggs for the taking right...well here she is pointing
and saying "look mom there's some over there!!!" Um yes but there's a plethora of them right here.
So we head over to where she wants to go...........
Yeah and there was like no eggs haha!
 Whatever it was her day so we did what she wanted.

She still made out really well, I actually had her give away some
of her prizes to other kids who got there late and didn't get to hunt.

My sweet little honey bear

I loved that we got about 7 free frozen yogurts.

And some bracelets, you know she loved that!

We broke the rules and headed straight to the frozen
yogurt place and I let her get her free treat before dinner. 


  1. That is the CUTEST outfit I've ever seen!! If this baby is a girl, I will be calling you for clothing guidance!! ;)

    1. Lauren you will be stunned to know that I got the whole thing at once upon a child for $13!!! It wasn't even in a set, I found the bunny shirt first then the under shirt and finally found a pair of shorts that matched lol! I'm sure it was like $60 new so I hit the jackpot!


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