Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013 Part 2

After the festival Brielle wanted to show everyone the aquarium pet store.

I want this fish! He matches my decor!

Ever since we went to Oklahoma as a family back in 2010 we have a long
running joke about Randy.  He always had a cooler on that trip filled with
ice cold water.  No matter if we had been on the road for 3 hours and stopped
 or if we had just left the mall and driven down the street  to eat he'd
always without fail go to the trunk and ask if any wanted a "cold" water.

It was just  funny to us cause we obviously knew they were "cold"
but he liked to remind us and no we don't need a water you literally gave
 us one at our last stop 5 minutes ago lol.  Bless his heart cause I don't think
he knows we  make fun of him every time he asks! Oh how we love Gannpa,
he keeps us laughing all day long!

Brielle got a goodie bag and pulled out two toys and told
me "These are for Hason mom"
Melts my heart the sweetness that comes out of her sometimes!
She's already always thinking of him!

None the three of them had been to the Gaylord so
we took a tour around there.  It's our go to place when
family's in town I guess.

Then we headed to downtown Main Street in Grapevine to shop,
check out a glass blowing studio and eat.

That's an awesome license plate cover, if you can't read it, it says
"I love my American Eskimo"
I didn't even notice it, Landon did and hated himself for it ha.

We stopped at one of our fav burger places Jakes. 

The service was so great.  Apparently they made two batches of fried
pickles but we had only ordered one, they gave us the other for free
anyways.  Kaytie's burger came out a few minutes after the rest of
ours and they didn't make them pay for that either.  That's good
customer service there!

We stopped at a small feed store to see the baby chicks,
we couldn't get over this cat all snuggled up with them.
(I didn't realize B was kinda choking the poor little guy)

Brielle saw the chicks and run up to pet them.
 Then the cat woke up and stretched out one leg and
I said "Brielle you can pet the kitty too"
She looked at him for a minute then jumped up and yelled
"WHAAAT there's a cat too!!!" in the sweetest most high
pitched excited voice ever!  We all died laughing  and wish
we had the video camera on.  We totally thought she noticed
the cat but obviously she was taken by surprise.

We found the most delectable popsicle shop.  Everything was
made fresh with real fruit and organic!  

 Then here comes Brielle around the corner with a bouquet of flowers for me!
I just got flowers last week and now more!!!
I just love that husband of mine, He loves us more than life itself
and takes such good care of his girls.
I don't know what I would do without him!

I got the Guava snow cone, isn't the little oriental rice box
it comes in so cute.  Yummy!
(everybody made fun of how I said guava, apparently I don't
know how to say it in English so I asked in Spanish lol)

Then we made a quick stop at the mall because Teresa wanted
to get some new flats.  But who needs flats when the coach store
is having 65% off!!! If you don't know Teresa this woman is obsessed
with coach handbags!!! She said it wouldn't hurt to stop and look, yeah right
just look haha!  Coach isn't my thing so Landon was in the clear, good
thing to because they had tons of beautiful colors and cute styles I thought.
 Randy on the other hand...ended up buying all 3 girls a handbag since
they were such a good deal! Teresa was texting Ashleigh pictures back and
fourth so she could pick one out and Kaytie got a really cute black one.
It made me happy to see them so happy, like little kids they were!
 They got 3 bags originally $900 for just over $300.
Wish my favorite purse store had sales!!!

They tired to go back Sunday to get more but the mall
was closed. I told them they'd just have to move here!

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