Thursday, April 11, 2013

Paradise Pond

I found this awesome place called Paradise Pond in Grapevine.  It's a big activity room filled with everything from a ceiling height gymnasium complete with slide(which I didn't get a picture of but B was brave enough to go down it), to a mini grocery store, doll house play center, a bounce house and so much more!

This is the costume/dress up area.......

Princess Tinkerbell.

This area was filled with only dinosaurs! I loved how ever section had a theme!

Cutest check out girl I've ever seen!  She kept saying that that's $4.83 haha we don't know where she gets this stuff put thats her number if she ever has to put a price to something lol.

Now this thing was awesome, don't know what you call it but Brielle enjoyed, she mostly peddled backwards.

She loved the tools area, she's been watching us work on the house so much lately she knew what tool was supposed to do what.  She'd say  "this ones just like dads!"
Keepin it fancy with her princess dress and tiara.

She looks legit here! Loot at that stance!

Our once upon a child store in Amarillo had one of these car coaster things, now I wish we would have bought it, B had so much fun with it, maybe we'll find one for Hason!

This area was our problem one, can you guess why : )  It was full of just cars and of course Brielle thinks she's the only cars fan out there so she'd try to hoard them and wouldn't share.

Do you see that train track lying next to her... she turned her back and started playing with a couple of those for a few minutes and then turned around angry that someone had taken her Mack truck. Um you're the one who decided to play with the dumb train tracks instead of the cool truck....needless to say we had to move on to another station after that.

This place was so great, it will come in handy especially in the winter time and it's only $1 for 2 hours of non stop play, every kids dream!


  1. How fun!! We should meet yall there one day! :)

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