Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

I haven't been very good at getting Brielle to the library lately but I'm gonna make it a point to go each week. She really enjoys it and it's good for her to be in a school type environment.
Every week they have a different theme.

In the middle of the class they get to guess what the special surprise is in the "surprise box" Can you imagine what kid was yelling out "RACE CAR! A RACE CAR!" haha. Remember the theme was food, it was a plastic pizza by the way.  She was way off lol.

She loves playing the puzzles and matching games on the computer and has conquered using the mouse!
We came home with several books and she really enjoyed the Hungry Caterpillar.
Somebody needs to get her that for her bday...just throwing out an idea : )

I found a cute craft to go along with the book and we just happened to have an empty egg carton.

Then we looked up metamorphosis online and watched some cute videos on it.

She was really really into it!
Gasp! It makes a cacoon!!??

Oh my gosh! A Butterfly comes out!!!

She was so excited about what she learned she had to show dad as soon as he got home!

It also came to me that Brielle can sort socks! Why not! Helps me out and gives her another little chore she can do! She's sorting Hason's socks for me. Such a good and willing helper she is!

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