Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter service at church on Sunday, then
we headed home for lunch and Brielle enjoyed opening her gifts from
all the grandparents.

Kaytie really enjoyed the thought of us getting a holiday hippo for
our front yard at Christmas time to which I denied that idea so she
 got Brielle a hippo of her own, we couldn't say no to that.

A Cars Easter book! Doesn't get any better than that lol.
I made sure to make time for just pictures before everyone scattered!

Don't you loooove how we all almost wore coral and it wasn't even planned.
Well I obviously planned it that way for my little family but
had no idea Teresa and Kaytie would match us as well!

Can you see my outie! Gross!
Love of my life!

And she was off, I filled her eggs with Dora stickers and
Cars balloons.

Ok so we like to joke that Brielle is the scholastic one
and Hason will be the athletic (coordinated) one.
This is how B takes off when running baahaa! She always shrugs her
shoulders up by her ears but I've never noticed the leg thing before ha!
Can you see why we say that now, bless her heart!

Gannpa taught B a new trick, smashing confetti Easter eggs
on his head as hard as she could.

He got her back though.

My dreamsicle trifle cake for dessert.

We discovered that Neely loves playing with balloons
and is pretty darn good at it! We had to stop her after she
popped to many balloons.
It was way to short of visit but feel blessed to have gotten to spend it with you guys!
Nothing more fun than having family in town!

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