Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Weekend

Landon's friend Tanner is getting married in a few weeks. ( I can't go because of this condition I have called being to close to your due date for comfort, so sad I can't be there) The guys decided to have his bachelor party in Dallas cause one of their in laws owns a lake house and a wake boarding boat.  Can you say Landon was in heaven!  Here's four of the seven that went.
Greg, Tanner, Austin and Landon or better known as
The Gap, Tucker, Wylie and Radio. (poor Landon...why does he have to be radio, he's not THAT slow)

So Brielle and I had a girls weekend, we practiced patterns.
Good gosh it's lizard season again!  I think I'm more nervous around them than they are of me.  I am thankful they eat the flies and mosquitoes!

Here's a chameleon ..I saw him scurry across the sidewalk and he was bright green, by the time I got to him he was almost brown.  Love the teal around his eyes!

We had a morning out and got breakfast which we never do so it was a rare treat!

Then Brielle got a surprise from Gigi and Gannpa in the mail.

She wasn't excited at all haha.
 They sent her two cd's with kids silly songs and a praise and worship cd complete with activity book and stickers.

Then we helped the little Asian  Colombian lady trim her crazy bushes.

Brielle and Papa Lou were a big help..........

After trimming bushes all morning we needed a dip in the pool to cool off.

Then we got a call from the Coleman's to meet them for dinner in Grapevine, that was so fun cause Brielle and I were planning on just getting food by ourselves. Chloe had on one of Brielle's little shirts when she was her age....she looked sooo cute, brought back memories and made me a little sad all at the same time!  I didn't get a picture of her in it though dangit!! I'm happy to see those little outfits go on!
Sunday after Church we ate lunch at Lita's house and dug through my grandmas old cedar chest and found some treasures. 
 I totally remember my grandma carrying this purse to church all the time.  It's a vintage 1950's something (I could give you the brand but this pregnant girl ain't going all the way back down the stairs and back up to tell ya that!)  I'm going to start carrying it...I think it's quite chic and fashionable!

Haha old man!

Oh and guess what we got to say bye bye to!!!???

The idiots that lived here before us tiled over tile so when they ripped it out they took out most of the sheet rock too.  Not a big deal unless you're Landon and I and were planning on doing our own back plash   Now we have to cut out the rest of the sheet rock and replace it until we get back splash next year.  Nothing can just go easy and smooth around here, there's always surprises!

The longest piece of granite looked like this...UM that doesn't fly with me....yes I know it's a natural stone and it's not all going to look perfect but I can't deal with that, especially for as much as that crap costs!

I had them take it back...they brought back 3 more pieces for me to pick from to try to match all the other ones they already put down. The only problem is the guys didn't tell me when it arrived and they picked the one they thought looked best and started cutting away. Well complete waste of their time cause I didn't like that one was too white, it didn't match the others!!! So they had to send that one back and returned with the other two I didn't get to see which I still didn't like. They went home and told me they'd send more for me to choose from and they'd finish tomorrow. The "3 hour" job they were supposed to do turned into a 6 hour job that day. I felt bad for them but I knew I'd be mad at myself every time I saw that huge black streak that I didn't at least try to get a better looking piece of granite. The next day 2 other guys returned (ha the others were fed up with me I guess) and they brought back 3 more slabs....the heavens opened up and shown down because they actually got it right this time and found a perfect match to all the rest of the granite!!! Now I'm extremely happy I was super picky and made them change it!!!
Good bye and good riddens you nasty infested tile counter tops!!

Now some of you may have just kept the granite and gone on with your lives, but I come from a family where when we were little and were allowed to get a new toy or  shirt or shoes, my sisters and I would look through every single one and see which one was the most best and perfect one.  If it was a stuffed animal we would inspect the stitching and especially the don't want crazy eyes or an animal who's smile isn't symmetrical or a crooked nose!  My poor parents...they must have been so annoyed with us.
Just last month when my sister Sherry Ann was here she found a hat she wanted and her and I went through every single one they had like it and narrowed it down to the best two so she could pick the perfect one haha! Does that make us crazy?

Finally Landon came home!! I miss him so much even if it is only two days that he's gone!
By now you know if we can do it ourselves and save money we are gonna do I found a fabulous BIG stainless steel sink on craigslist and my good looking plumber installed it for free.  Landon's never done any plumbing work and we were both pretty proud at the great job he did.  With my fabulous shopping skills and his plumbing, numb chuck and bow hunting skills we saved ourselves a couple hundred dollars and learned a thing or two along the way!

While dad worked Brielle and I did some art.

She was pretty proud of her pirate ship and flag on top.
(what is up with this kid and all these boy shows she liked) I'm starting to get a wee bit concerned. Especially since she hates Sophia the First now and cries when it comes on...seriously?

Oh I'm good!

One last very important amazing thing...Brielle can write her name! For my records I want to know how old she was which is 3 1/2. Don't know if she's ahead, right on or behind and I don't care...I'm just a super proud momma!!! I think she's really going to like school.  She's always asking if she can practice writing her name....when I was her age I'm pretty sure I was asking if I could be a dog.

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