Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Walk In The Park

I am super behind on blogging, Last week was a little crazy with moving my parents in and all, I got sick, Brielle was sick, I had my glucose test, we lost our car keys and had to have our car towed..TWICE (long story)  Needless to say I'm glad this week is over!

A couple of weeks ago Landon found this beautiful park in Plano to visit. It was there perfect day with some overcast...just right for walking.

When in the world did Brielle turn 10!!!! Goodness how I love this picture, just beautiful!

We told her we were going to a new park and she said "oh is it a surprise" we said "sure" so she closed her eyes lol.

Doesn't matter how uncomfortable, as long as she can sit next to Landon and I....

I like how when I said "hey everyone,"  Everyone looked, even the dog ha!

I took a plethora of pictures of these two! Couldn't help myself, they're my favorite people and I just love how they love each other so much! Each is the other ones biggest fan.

Life doesn't get better than this.........

Here dad smell the flowers.

Dad and B played in the clear little river for a bit while I rested my hips!

As we were driving home Brielle saw this big house (I believe it was an apartment complex on a hill) and she said "That's gonna be our next house!" haha, Landon and I both cracked up.  Those little ones hear everything we say.  Landon and I like to drive around and look at homes and different areas...we are always pointing out awesome houses (typically on a hill ha) and saying "That's gonna be our next house"  Apparently someones little ears were listening in.

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