Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Activities!

We've had quite a few days of 80 degree weather around here and I'm loving it!
We celebrated with our first sno cone of the season.

Brielle didn't remember what a sno cone was from last year so she was in for a treat!

Even though it was hot here the pool has not had time to warm up but we couldn't wait any longer to try it out!

One of the perks of having your own pool is being able to wear a bikini when pregnant and get tan all over without grossing out the general public lol!
28 1/2 weeks!
(pregnancy gives me bad posture!)

Smiling ear to ear not cause he's having fun but cause the cold water came into the floatie and was touching his back.

Landon thought it would be funny to snap some pictures of me trying to get into the floatie, he had a feeling something bad was going to happen to me and wanted to capture it on camera.  What a sweetheart he is. I look like an 80 year old trying to get in that thing ha.

And something bad almost did happen...I leaned back and just about went over! Goodness that would have given me a heart attack and a baby probably!

We'll pretend that never happened!

I don't know how but Brielle actually got in and swam. We had to make her get out cause I was afraid she'd get sick.  We are praying in a few weeks we can get in and swim for sure!

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