Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Soul Sisters!

As soon as we moved into our house in Flower Mound one of the first things I did was find a woman's bible study.  I need that kind of fellowship and knew it would be good for me.
We have been visiting Valley Creek church and our bible study is called Soul Sisters, everything pink and sparkly I might add!  I go Wednesday mornings and they also have a Monday nights group.  I say group but each bible study has about 300 women who attend!  We all sit in smaller groups of 8 at round tables so it's more intimate. I have really enjoyed it (they always serve up breakfast too!) At the end of the year they always have a soul sisters celebration.

One of my sweet table leaders Sherry.

There was some praise and worship.......

And food! Lots of it...this was the dessert table.  They had cute mini take home boxes you could fill to your hearts delight!  I had so much to eat including 3 croissant sandwiches, oops...it's called self control Diana!

You better beleive the next day somebody wanted all my goodies I brought home.
We told her she couldn't have any before bed so what does she do...she goes around and grabs up each treat (like 10 of them) and picks tiny pieces off of each one and says, "mom I'm not gonna eat it, I'm just gonna taste it!"  In the sweetest cutest highest pitch voice we've ever heard.  Landon and I can typically stand firm but that was way to cute to not let her get away with.
Those are some guilty looking eyes though aren't they! Love that girl so very much!
The Wednesday following our Soul Sisters celebration my sweet group of girls at my table and bible study friends threw me a welcome baby lunch!  So thoughtful of all of them.

This place is awesome!!! You can even eat on the patio in the winter because of all the heaters they have out there!  It's so fancy on the inside too!  If you're ever in Highland Village come to the shops and try it out!

My little honey bear tagged along and so did 3 race cars I know pretty well by now.

Sherry had cute little cupcakes for everyone.

My friend Tammy made sure not to forget Brielle (which melted my heart, you don't want your other one to be forgotten in all the excitement!) and brought her the cutest book.

Our waitress even brought me a dessert complete with a blue candle!  She said we know it isn't your birthday but this is worth celebrating.

I was so excited about eating there....the food is AMAZE and opening my gifts that I didn't get any more pictures of the party or the girls.
I made up for it with pictures of Brielle afterwards ha.
This is her favorite new pose, such a diva!

How this kid loooooves fountains and throwing leave in!

Strike a pose Beauty.

We got some cute stuff!  It's so weird getting boy things!!! I don't think it'll hit me till he gets here!

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