Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grammy and Pops Stop In

Landon's Grandparents stopped in for a visit while passing through town.
We don't get to see them enough and we were very happy to have them here! Brielle was so exctied, they couldn't have got here quick enough for her!

Grams brought Brielle some bubbles (Score!) and the cutest book about Texas.
She loves that book cause it has the Dallas Cowboys and Bevo in it lol.

Give a kid some bubbles and they'll be entertained forever.

I never knew but apparently we have chameleons living in the greenbelt behind our house.  We watched this guy forever and even got to see him change colors a few times, it was so cool!

We went out for some good ole BBQ before they headed out.

Next time we are holding them hostage and making them stay the night with us.

Just for fun here area a few pictures of all the lazy people living in my house right now....

He wasn't naked, I promise : )
On a side note, I strongly believe EVERYONE (men and women alike) should have to shave their armpit hair! Gross!

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