Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

Mothers of the sweetest days of the year.  A day that I feel extremely blessed I get to celebrate.  Extremely blessed and humbled that God gave me these babies to raise up, or maybe a better word would be lent, cause after all they are his.
We visited a new church on Sunday (the one who hosted dog church)  My parents came with us as well.  It would be quite lonely without them here! Everyone needs at least one family member that lives close to them...but more that one would be even better!

We wanted to try something different and since Landon gets to go on all these lunch meetings he knows more about the different restaurants around here than I do.  We tried this Mediterranean food place, it was so good and we all loved it!  I love trying different foods!

It's an honor to call her my daughter, she's the sweetest little thing and has taught me so much about myself and life in her short 3 years of being here!
Then there's my mom.  Where would I be without her!  I'd be lost that's what.  She raised up some really good smart girls that for sure and instilled some great morals and character in us.  She still does so much for me...heck she'll come over and just start sweeping and cleaning and mopping, not just cause I'm preggo...she'd to it anyways because she still likes to take care of her babies.  I love you mommy!  I hope I can pass on all the great attributes my mother has passed on to me.

After lunch we took them to see the Mustangs of Las Colinas.  It's so cute over there.

I die over those cheeks!! Just look how chubby they still look in this picture... she's still my baby!

We gave mom her mothers day present.  The card was one of those with a song that plays when you open it, she loved it cause it was even in Spanish lol!

My mom loves to wear hats (really weird ones I may add, we made her throw away her pointy Chinese hat when she moved) to work in the garden.  She spotted this one a few weeks back when we were out and wanted to buy it.  I discouraged her cause it was a bit pricey and I told her she'd find another.  Sneaky me had a plan all along.
  Landon must have remembered me mentioning (a hundred times) I wanted to run away for just for day right after Brielle was born just so I could rest and escape the responsibility's of a newborn.  I was this close to heading to Oklahoma (don't know why there) and getting a hotel, not telling anyone where I was (don't worry I wasn't gonna leave B all alone, I would have left her with my mom) and then come back the next night.   I was a bit overwhelmed after having her if ya can't tell.  I had a hard time adjusting to our new life with a baby but we made it through and I'm very much looking forward to this new one soon to come! I feel this time around it will be much better, especially if I have a better birth experience!

What a perfect gift!
(Landon messed up getting me a hotel stay so close to the Galleria, he was either not thinking or this is an unspoken invitation to go shopping as well lol)  What a thoughtful hubby I have, love that man!
That night we cooked out...chicken kbobs.........

Landon doing what Landon loves best.

potato rounds....Brielle ate half the plate..really she did.

Mom was legit with he mug she borrowed from Landon so she could drink her sprite and beer.  Yeah that's her favorite.

It was a wonderful way to end the evening.

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