Wednesday, May 29, 2013

32 Weeks!

32 Weeks pregnant! I can't believe it and I still feel so good.  I've gotten so used to being pregnant by now that I tend to forget there's a baby at the end of all of this...when I really sit down and think about it, freaks me out a little.

I went from being more tired last month and needing some naps to having energy again and not sleeping nearly as much as I used to!  I even get up at 8 now a days people! Those of you who know me well, know that my days didn't get started till 9 or 9:30 the past 3 years. I like it, I really enjoy the mornings and I'm a happy morning person.

I'm finding it hard to wear my ring some days...My hands and feet have started to swell a little bit here and there...but looking at them you wouldn't know.  Don't know if it's fat or the hot weather that's doing it or a combination of both.  My thighs always get big when I"m pregnant...I like big thighs on girls, I think curves are hot but I don't appreciate the cellulite...on the FRONT of my thighs....oh joy.

I've had horrible allergies the past two weeks, it's miserable and I hate taking medicine while pregnant so I've only treated the symptoms twice and just dealt with the itchy eyes and constant sneezing and runny nose.
We lived here this time last year and my allergies didn't bother me, hope it's the pregnancy and that next year won't be the same thing.

I really don't have much to report except that the idiots who did my 3 hour glucose test messed up (come on you had one job!) and didn't label my times right so they could not test it properly and it was inconclusive.  Are you kidding me! I wasted half my day and suffered for nothing!!! Aunt Emily graciously drove an hour to keep Brielle for me and my daddy drove to Denton with me and sat there for 3 hours as well just in case I got sick and needed someone to drive me to get food at the end (like I did when this happened with B.)

 The Dr. would like for me to do the test over said the nurse....I DON'T THINK SO!  Sorry not doing that you're gonna have to figure something else out...oh and I'm not paying for the first test or the next one either.
On Monday I have another check up and they are going to draw blood one more time (this will be 5 times now) and do a different test they do for diabetics so I don't have to do the 3 hour fasting one again.  It's not fun waiting around wondering if you have gestational diabetes...I'm more annoyed than worried though.

My little Honey Gorgeous has been to all my appointments with me...which I love cause when I was pregnant with her Landon was always he'd have to drive waaaay to far to come with.

I couldn't get enough of this outfit and little girl!

She's so good at my appointments...she just sits there and colors.

Afterwards we stopped for some cheesy bread sticks at pizza hut.  I did have to fast all night and the morning for that new test they were going to do so I was hungry!

We also had our maternity photos taken at 32 weeks.  Here's a sneak peak from my phone.

This belly button of mine has been sticking out since I can remember in this pregnancy....You could see it through my dress so I put band aids on it to keep it under control for the photos lol!  Look how lopsided my belly is...He likes the right side for sure if you can't tell : )  Sweet baby boy!
Update...glucose test came back fine!  Thank goodness..what a waste of time though.

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  1. That lopsided belly half way gives me baby fever!! I cannot wait to meet him!!!


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